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Project and Data Management

Successful exploration relies on efficient project and data management, so that decisions can be based on a solid foundation, get it wrong and it can costs can be considerable.


Exploration data is a valuable asset, but all too often, companies starve themselves of valuable information by using unstructured, fragmented and duplicated datasets as they lack the in-house data management skills, nor the access to good data management advice.


We understand the exploration industry and how to organize and integrate exploration data, so that it provides a solid foundation from which effective exploration programs can be conducted. We can work with you to ensure that the ability to interrogate and interpret exploration data is maximized so that you can use it to its full potential, reducing risk and maximizing its use to drive successful exploration programs.


In addition, for many projects, significant historic data exists in formats that are not easily incorporated into modern geological software packages. We can work with you to convert your historic data into modern formats so that it can be imported and used to assist with exploration targeting.


Our Services:

  • Review and organize exploration datasets

  • Advising on data management strategy

  • Development of data management skills

  • Digitizing of historic exploration and mining data

  • Interpretation and integration of multiple datasets into an integrated 3D environment


We bring experience, talent and drive to help you unlock the value in your data.

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