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Geological modelling

In many areas, mineral exploration now needs to focus on deep, under cover targets. Using 3D geological modelling, data analysis, and interpretation is now a critical step for exploration targeting to reducing exploration risk and costs. We use the latest 3D software to integrating geological, geophysical, and geochemical knowledge to create high-quality models of the complete geological and structural framework of your project.


We can integrate 2D and 3D datasets into a dynamic 3D model that incorporates your experience and ideas so that you can rapidly evaluate exploration targets at a district to deposit-scale, and to visualize the characteristics and the controls on mineralization.


Our Services:

  • Compilation of historical exploration and mining datasets into a 3D environment

  • Integration of 2D and 3D GIS datasets

  • Regional 3D modelling and exploration targeting

  • 3D Evaluation of geological controls on grade distribution

  • Domain modeling - defining geological and geotechnical domains


We have experience in working with a wide range of deposit types and styles of mineralization and can create models at all stages of the project from mineral exploration to resource modelling and geotechnical engineering, to create client-driven models that serve as the basis for decision making in drill-hole targeting, and resource estimation.

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