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AT Rock Modeler we are working to create a series of free excel and access templates to help you capture your logging and surface sampling data  in the field directly into a laptop or tablet. This will allow you to minimise the time taken to transfer this data data captured in the field to a project database, and allow the data to be quickly brought into various software packages.

Geology logging sheet

A simple excel template for drill-hole logging to use to record lithology, alteration, mineralisation and structures. It works through a series of pick lists that link to a series of library codes that are found in the "lib" tab. You can customise these codes for your project.

Geotech Logging Sheet

A excel template to use to record any geotechnical (RQD, Recovery, Mag_Sus and Specific Gravity) for you drill-holes. There are a series of default codes that you can change in the "lib" tab.

Rock Sampling Template

An excel spreadsheet designed to record information for rock samples.

Soil Sampling Template

An excel spreadsheet designed to record information from soil samples (soil type, sample depth etc.).


Google Earth UTM Grid file

A series of 100km, 10km and 1km UTM (WGS 84) grid that cover the earth

geology logging sheet
geotech logging sheet
rock sampling template
soil sampling template
Google Earth UTM Grid
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