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Digitizing and data conversion

For many projects, significant historic data exists in formats that are not easily incorporated into modern geological software packages. Converting hard copy exploration and mining data into a modern format will allow you to integrate it with the rest of your exploration data, where it can be used to assist with exploration targeting.


We can digitize historic exploration data from paper and scanned maps as well as from raster images and create high quality digital versions and deliver the data in Auto CAD, ArcGIS, ArcView, MapInfo and XLS/CSV formats.

Our Services:

  • CAD to/from GIS and mining software

  • GRID to/from Raster

  • Combine DXF and excel/access database to attributed GIS files

  • Reproject images, create grids

  • Create seamless layers


We bring experience, talent and drive to help you unlock the value in your data, and we will work on a small sample project area for FREE, using real data so that the customer can more accurately define their expectations and deliverables.

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