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As an industry, we collect a lot of geochemical data, but often, we don't use this data systematically. We can work with you to extract the maximum value from your geochemical datasets. We can help you design, collect, and manage your sample data and work with you to create the various collection and preparation procedures so that we can establish high quality, practical QA-QC protocols that maximize the value of your data and minimize the chance of taking biased, unrepresentative or contaminated samples.


We can also work with your data to use the immobile trace element signatures to map alteration, depth of weathering/oxidation, sulphide mineral distribution and pathfinder element patterns so that we can define the geochemical signature of a deposit and help to accurately target your exploration.


Our Services:

  • Design and manage district-scale geochemical surveys.

  • Establish practical on-site QA-QC protocols for drilling and surface sampling programs.

  • Design sample collection and preparation protocols.

  • Verify chain of custody procedures and review of sample preparation and laboratory facilities.

  • Create integrated sample database to maximize data available for exploration targeting.

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