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3D Exploration Targeting

Successful exploration targeting today requires that geologists are able to integrate and interpret large amounts of geological, geophysical, and geochemical data. This is particularly important in mature exploration areas, and for advanced projects, where exploration needs to incorporate surface and subsurface data to help direct deep drilling to find hidden ore bodies that have been overlooked. The ability to view all of your data in 3D is critical step in this process.


Traditionally, this has been done by converting 2D data into 3D by manually digitizing your data and interpretations from cross-sections and plan maps to create a 3D model. This was a very time consuming process where a simple model would take weeks, if not months to create, and are hard to update to include new data or to test new ideas.


We can work with you by utilizing implicit modeling software to create high quality 3D models for you projects at all stages of exploration. We can work with you to incorporate your experience, ideas, and create 3D models of your interpretations for each of your projects. We feel that having an integrating 3D model that respects the data will allow you to interrogate the data and use it to drive the understanding and exploration of your projects.


Our Services:

  • Regional 3D geological modelling

  • Orebody modelling

  • structural modelling

  • 3D exploration targeting


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